Services Agreement

  • Service Agreement Form

    This agreement is made By and Between FUGEN INTERNATIONAL whose address is seen above referred to as “SERVICE PROVIDER”,AND
  • Whose address is
  • referred to as “APPLICANT.”
    1. TERM OF CONTRACT: The SERVICE PROVIDER is said to act as agent to sell services legally on contract relating to the same offers assured to be rendered to the ‘’APPLICANT’’ that’s agreed by the two parties.
    2. DOCUMENTATIONS: All applicants shall submit ORIGINAL and GENUINE documents ONLY such as Bank Statements, Letter of Invitations, Academic Certificates, Academic Transcripts, Birth Certificates, and Marriage Certificates etc. for Visa application at the various Visa application centres and FUGEN shall manage it to secure your Visa.
    3. REVOCATION: This contract shall remain effective until it is revoked by either party on written notice to each other. Such revocation by the ‘’Applicant’’ shall affect liability of fifty percent (50%) of any initial amount paid with respect to transactions which have been initiated prior to the revocation and that verbal or non-verbal breach of contract by the ‘’Applicant’’ shall also be affected. That should there be a full and or partial breach of contract by the’’ Service Provider’’ shall call for a full and or partial refund of any initial amount paid respectively except the application fee paid that is non refundable.
    4. REFUND PAYMENTS: That Payment of Refund Request is subject to three installment payment Plan. That after Portal Fee and registration, You have a three-month maximum to keep your service agreement (contract) VALID with The Service Provider afterward your contract becomes null and void. That after the first installment payment, you have a maximum of three months to keep your service agreement valid with us per scheduled and, or mutual agreement with the service provider(Fugen International). That you shall forfeit any money paid as the first installment after the first three months without any official communication with the service provider and your service agreement shall be revoked with the service provider.
    5. COMPENSATION: Service Provider agrees to compensate the ‘’APPLICANT ‘’ for the services not rendered in accordance with this contract.That 20% of any initial amount shall be deducted from the service charge for documentation costs before proceeding with refund reimbursement
    6. LEGAL DEADLINES: All "APPLICANTS" shall respect and agree to deadlines for all kinds of payments to be made. Any initial paid application fees shall not be refundable.
    7. PAYMENT: Full payment of the package of services rendered shall be made on or before the said deadline of payment.
    8. LATE PAYMENT: Partial payment and or late payment of the package of services rendered shall affect liability of twenty percent (20%) of the total amount to be paid.
    9. BOUND: This contract shall be binding upon and for the benefit of the parties.
    10. COMPLETE AGREEMENT: This contract supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between the parties; it may not be modified, changed or altered by any of the parties without a further written contract signed by both parties.
    11. SIGNATURES: Both the APPLICANT and SERVICE PROVIDER shall agree to the above contract by signing to confirm.
    1. The agency shall have no hand in false documents submitted by the "APPLICANT" to the embassies and or any Visa application centers that may lead to refusal of any Visa.
    2. Any false documents presented by the "APPLICANT" that lead's to refusal of Visa shall affect liability of one hundred percent (100%) of any initial amount paid prior to such act.
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